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First of all let me say welcome to the shard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use [claim or [grab to clean up the corpses you kill on the shard, it helps us stay lag free, and gives you some gold/tokens at the same time. You can learn more about that in Player Commands. Thank You

The shard has so many unique quests and items its really hard to describe everything that this shard has to offer here. Suffice it to say that you will want to just spend time wandering and exploring the lands. To that end lets get you started.

First and foremost, you need to get your character setup and ready to do some questing. When you first enter the shard your character(s) is offered the New Player Tour. It is advisable to take this tour, as it will show you a bit of what we have to offer. Please be patient as you taken through the tour. At times you may have to wait for the next gump to appear to give you time to look at your surroundings.

Once the tour is over, you will be taken to the portal room. Here you will have to chose which path you want to follow. Every character can build all skills to 130 but the class you chose to start will determine which 7 skills will be starting at 120. You can see more on our classes [Here] You will get two travel books, and the Yellow book in particular you will use quite a lot to get to the various special areas like the resource center, or deco mall. These two books will help you get around the lands instead of having to go through moon gates all the time to get places.

Of special note, the "blessed" bag that you get is also a good bag to keep in your backpack. This bag provides a safe location to store items that you may not want to loose. Be aware you can't put a ton of stuff in them but make use of it to save anything you do not want to loose that is not blessed.

Now its time to decide what to make this first character. Entering any of the class moongates along the walls will give you GM+ skills for whichever template you choose. Once you have chosen and walk through the gate, you will no longer have access to the gate room.

Many shards suggest you create a ranger (or tamer) to start out, however on DoF we strive to make all classes equal, so you have the same opportunities no matter which class you start with. My personal preference is a rogue or a bard, but everyone can chose what they like. You can make 7 characters, so if you don't like your first choice, you can make another one. A lot of players build their other 6 characters up with the skill sets from the other moon gates. You will find that there are soulstones in game that you can acquire, that will allow you to move all of these skill sets between your characters. So, move all of these GM+ skill sets to you main character so you will have one character that can do anything in game.

A Note for Rangers: We have training mobs available to train your pets on, however, you will find that your pet gains more experience faster, if you are out in the world, killing mobs.

You will find that your combat skills can be raised to GM levels very quickly just by fighting the Ogres at the training center in Forsaken. All you need to do is buy some general weapons from any smith and hack, stab, slice your way to GM levels.

Once you have all the above under your belt start exploring! There are hidden quests, items and wonders throughout the lands. Also remember to use your yellow book to visit the custom towns area. Here you will find a number of quests for players. If you check out our Quests section on the wiki, we have begun listing all our quests there, and determining them by Easy, Moderate and Hard.

One last thing to remember, there are resurrection gates all over the lands, dungeons and questing areas. Make note of them as you travel around. You never know when you might have to run back to it to resurrect yourself. With every Resurrection gate we have put a corpse stone to retrieve your corpse. There is also a corpse stone at the Brit Bank and Forsaken Bank.

For Rangers, all of our tamables are on display at the Trammel Zoo (Yellow travel book) the habitats at the zoo are a hint as to where you can find the animal in the shard.

Our Tiered Armour and Weapons (Best on the shard) are all craftable (you will have seen them if you took the new player tour, and if you didn't check your yellow travel book), you will need an Artisan (crafter) to make them, and will have to find the special ingredients and the recipes for each. The ingredients drop and a list of where you can find them is at the Library. The recipes drop all over the shard from easy dungeons to hard dungeons.

I suggest new players start training their skills in Forsaken City, or if you want to get right at it, you can start in Despise or Shame Dungeons for killing. Loot and Gold bags are purchasable at the Resource Center. The gold bag can also be obtained through a quest. You can find more information on quests, on our [QUESTS] page. We also have two Newbie champs, while these are not extremely easy they are much easier than the regular champ spawns. Please ensure you [claim as you kill, if you do, then you can make about 300K per champ.

It may seem overwhelming at first, because our shard has so much content, but stick with it, and you'll find lots of wonderful things to do, for every type of player, except PVP!!  :-D PVP'ers will have to find somewhere else to kill other players.

If you have questions please feel free to ask them in game by using the [c chat command but the best resource is the wiki here, and the forums. If you are stuck, you can page a staff member in game. All pages go to our email, so if we don't answer right away we do have a record of the page and will answer in due time.

We have custom deco available for purchase in the Deco Mall. There is a lot of new and custom art on this shard, so be sure to check that out. INeeda Kitchens are designed so you buy the pieces and then mix and match, similar to IKEA. Once we are totally organized we will offer some deco on a seasonal basis and it will be a one time only offer. Once that sale is done, that deco will never again be available. We hope this appeals to the collectors in you.

At last count we had well over 100 custom quests, there are too many to list and too many to count and they are spread over the shard. We also have certain towns for quests, like Quest Town (these are open all the time) Xmas Town (these will open during the Christmas season) Easter Town and so on.

There are secrets all over our shard, staircases which today, may go nowhere, but tomorrow they will lead you to a secret dungeon. Doors that will appear invisible but when you open them, you step into a new space and time.

We have custom monsters, and OSI monsters. We are continually adding new things, new items, new mobs, new tamables. We currently have over 341 Stealables with plans for more. Artifacts are active and working.

Welcome to DoF, I hope you have as much fun here as I am having creating this place for players to play.

PS - Treasure Hunting and Fishing are two skills you are going to want to have.

- Train Train Train
- Start in Despise, Shame, and Destard for gold
- Do quests for rewards and armour
- Do the Bag of Strength Quest
- Read the forums for advice and help
- Work your way up to the newbie champ spawns, there are two, and do them for approx 300K$ per spawn
- Get better armour by collecting the ingredients and crafting the armour