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Quest Info updated weekly, keep checking back. New Players May Want to Read this [New Player Guide]


Please click on the link to vote for our shard. Voting helps keep our name out there, and generates a player base. Please vote as often as you are allowed. Thank You.


Please keep in mind this wiki is a work in progress, it is by no means complete, and will take some time. If there is something you want to see here, please email it to or

This is a free UO shard, patched to Stygian Abyss and High Seas.

Our Shard Forum are located here


We have custom artwork and custom buildings, so please ensure you download our patch from our [Downloads] page. We even have custom spells. One turns you into a dolphin so you can swim in the oceans!! So much to look forward to, this shard is designed to give you hours and hours of entertainment exploring, fighting, and questing.


Make sure you read our [Accounts] page, you'll find useful information about playing. Then go to our [Downloads] page to get information and a link to the files you will need to play DoF.

Keep checking back to the Wiki for updates. We will attempt to keep everything updated regularly.


DOF has many quests, and a lot of them you can find help with on the wiki, at our [Quests] page.


Each [Class] of player has it's own [Armour & Weapons] in several tiers, you will have to complete quests, and create an Artisan to make this [Armour & Weapons]


We have more items that you can ever imagine, I have begun to put them on the Items page. Keep checking.


There are player commands you can use.


Stuff that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else, you can find here.


Links I thought might be of some interest.

[Animals and Monsters]

Look at our Animals and Monsters page for information on custom mobs, as well as tamables.